Wine Selection

We specialize in a great Spanish wines.

  • Sparkling Spanish Cava
  • Rosado Rosé
  • Sangria White & Red Blends
  • Blanco Whites
  • Tinto Reds

What's a Tapa?

Tapa in Spanish means cover or lid. Inn keepers would place a small cover over a cusotmer's wine glass and put a salty snack such as olives or ham on it. Nowadays a tapa can be any food that's served on small plates and is usually accompanied by wine or beer.

They can also form an entire meal that can range from simple items such as olives or roasted nuts to more elaborate preparations like Spanish omelettes (tortillas), stuffed peppers or kebabs.

Mediterranean cuisine is characterized by the freshest of ingredients, such as tomatoes, olives, garlic, lemons, herbs and meats such as lamb, pork and beef. Andalucian cuisine offers a special twist to the Mediterranean tradition in that Andalucia was heavily influenced by centuries of Moorish rule that saw the introduction of spices & ingredients from North Africa such as saffron, eggplants, apricots, artichokes, avocados, almonds and much more. Desserts feature almonds, lemon, chocolate & authenitic Spanish coffee (café solo & café con leche) is always available along with espresso & capuccino.

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