Café Málaga's New Owners!
Albert & Jennifer Segui
Spanish Tapas Restaurant • McKinney, Texas

We are honored and blessed to be the owners of Café Malaga! We had the opportunity to purchase the restaurant in January 2011, and attribute the beginnings of Café Malaga to Annie Stokes. Annie started Café Malaga in 2006, introducing McKinney’s first Tapas restaurant. She drew her inspiration from her family ties to the Port of Malaga, Spain.

We are not people who believe in coincidence, and believe we were led to this opportunity. Owning and operating a restaurant has been a lifelong dream of Albert’s. Albert spent half of his career as a Nuclear chemist, participating in the development of cancer treatments. He holds advanced degrees in Chemical Sciences from Florida State University. He had a rare opportunity to pursue his dreams and went back to school, this time focused on obtaining a degree in Culinary Arts. He graduated with honors from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Dallas. While working under Chef Mikel Trevio de Luis,Albert was offered another rare opportunity – the opportunity to purchase Café Malaga from Annie Stokes. Albert approached his lifelong love, Jennifer, with the opportunity, and together, they purchased the restaurant. Jennifer is an executive for a well known global IT company. Their vision for Café Malaga is for it to be a Community gathering place and family style restaurant. You will notice some changes to the menu – additions of new tapas choices, a few choice entrees and a new kids menu have been added to accommodate our vision.

The Segui family lives in McKinney. Albert & Jennifer are the proud parents of three amazing teenagers. They have been together since they were teenagers, and will celebrate 20 years of marriage, and 28 years together! They are active members of St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church. They describe themselves as a faith led family and believe that all things are possible when God is the center of your life.
We appreciate the opportunity to provide an amazing dining experience for you!

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